All About You'th

The Founder's Profile

 I am a Youth Life coach and a Bsc. holder in Computing and Business, coupled with many other professional and diploma qualifications’ in Information Technology and personal development.  I studied with the leading UK Coaching organisation, ‘The Coaching Academy’ as a Youth Impact Coach.  I have a pro-active and reflective approach to all aspects of my work and a real desire and commitment to make a positive difference in the life of others.


My mission is to inspire, motivate and improve the life of young individuals.  My fundamental goal is to make an optimistic difference to young peoples’ life by helping them achieve their desired goals. I help young people identify what is important to them and develop the focus, clarity and motivation necessary to achieve their personal goals. I help strengthen the emotional and social skills of young people through developing self-esteem, career development, goal settings, coaching, training and mentoring.  


I have achieved and experienced much through my various studies and extensive work with a wide range of young people; this is largely due to my firm belief that age is no barrier.  I have been involved in youth leadership and activities for the past 4 years, and along with helping to organize community youth groups through local churches.   I enjoy working with young people to help and support them while they develop their personal life skills.