All About You'th
Our Moral Training Programmes AAYL is committed to delivering:-

·         Primary Schools Moral Training Support (PSMTS) for ages 0 – 12 years

·         Secondary Schools Moral Training Support (SSMTS) for ages12 – 16 years

·         Higher Education Moral Training Support (HEMTS) for ages16 – 30 years

·         Educational Staff Moral Training Support (ESMTS)

Mentoring Scheme  

Our Transition mentoring aim to support pupils in the last year of primary school, as they move on to their first year at secondary school, HE and, college, University or into the work force.

We also aim to support primary school pupils to help develop their literacy, numeracy and ICT skills.

Youth Impact Coaching

We aim at equipping young people with life long skills, enabling them to make better life choices and setting themselves up for achievement…for the rest of their lives.   We help to create the power of positive thinking in the lives of our young people.
Suitability: HEMTS, SSMTS, PSMTS


We will train all educational staff to International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) certification, a basic ‘fit for purpose’ ICT certification. This is the internationally recognised certification accredited by the British Computer Society.

Through our sister company, ICTek Limited and our partners, we will provide Information Technology (IT) and Telecommunications training to young people.  Our courses are mainly UK accredited.
Suitability: HEMTS, ESMTS

Work Placement   

Young people will learn about working practices and develop the skills that they will need to be successful in the workplace. This programme will make young people feel a sense of real achievement and satisfaction and inspire them to see new possibilities for future careers which may encourage them to study harder.

We work with employers to identify suitable placements for the candidates.
Suitability: HEMTS, SSMTS

Getting Ready for Work

We aim to help prepare young people for the world of work through developing the attitudes, skills and understanding the essentials for employability and responsible adult citizenship.  These workshops provide strategies to find the right jobs or careers matching the individuals' skills and interest.
Suitability: HEMTS, SSMTS

Going for Goals

 This programme focuses on motivation.  It gives young people and adults an important opportunity to reflect on themselves.  This key programme helps individuals to know themselves; set realistic goals and show determination and persistent until they succeed.